Tommy is a designer and front-end developer working with startups to create great digital products.

Currently Product Designer at Vint. Learn more


👋 I'm Tommy! I'm a designer and developer living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

My expertise lies in successfully turn complex problems into beautiful, intuitive products that are easy to use, and I have a strong track record of helping companies grow through creative and user-centered design solutions.

I currently run an independent product design consultancy where I help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into concrete digital products. I'm also a co-founder of Vint, a SaaS company for fitness professionals.

My background is a mixture of formal and practical education mixed with a long history of self-taught front-end programming skills. I first began to learn HTML, CSS, and UI design at age 16. I then eventually ended up earning a Bachelor’s degree in Informatics. I was also a Product Design student at Tradecraft, a highly selective and rapid based Product Design apprenticeship in San Francisco.

I constantly challenge myself to learn new skills and technologies in design and front-end development and I always love connecting with fellow designers, entrepreneurs, and developers. Feel free to reach out to me via email at any time!



Redesign of Vint's app for iPhone.


How can the user experience for HBONOW’s iOS app be improved?


Landing Page for Wheelys Café – An entire café built around a bike!