Wheelys Café – An entire café built around a bike!

Wheelys Café is an awesome new startup disrupting the Starbucks-dominated coffee market by removing barriers for people dreaming of starting their own coffee-business. Wheelys gives you an entire cafe platform that is built around a bike which allows you to easily take the product to the people.

I am very passionate about products that empower entrepreneurs, so Wheelys instantly caught my attention. What I love about Wheelys is how it helps people embrace their passions and makes it easier to start a business. So when the time came to work on a new project at Tradecraft, Wheelys was my clear choice.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Wheely’s although I’m a huge fan of the product and their mission and I figured that it would be an interesting product to design a landing page for.


Create a landing page for an existing company with their existing marketing style.

PART I: User Research

To start my process, I did user research and customer validation to identify the typical Wheely’s customer. I decided to design my landing page for San Franciscans because the city has a history of early adopters equating to a good product market fit. I ended up with a persona of a person that can be described as the typical San Francisco hipster.

Persona for Wheelys-user

Persona: Meet Dylan “The San Francisco Hipster”

Part II: Creating a style guide

To keep consistency in my design and to make sure that my landing page would match Wheelys’s current marketing style and brand image, I created a style guide curated with all of Wheely’s logos, fonts and color schemes. I also created buttons and defined the different hover states for how they should look on the landing page.

Styleguide for Wheelys

Persona: Meet Phil “The San Francisco Hipster”

Part III: High fidelity design

After getting feedback on my wireframes, I decided to turn the wireframe that seemed to work best into a high-fidelity prototype using Sketch. Below you can see the final result of the Wheelys landing page I designed targeting the San Francisco market.


Final high-fidelity design of the landing page


If I had more time on this project it would be interesting to run a usability test for this design and to also test the conversion rate for this landing page. If you have any thoughts or feedback regarding this study I would love to hear from you. Say hello at: tommy@tommyengstrom.se

Credit: The San Francisco Hipster illustration used in this design is made by the awesome artist Wendy Macnaughton.